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OLP Altar Servers. Serving Our Parish. Enhancing Our Worship

To be an altar server is not simply to provide a necessary set of services during the Mass.  After all, the priest and deacons could do those things. You are not there simply to be useful.  The priest relies on his altar servers, yes, but the reason is far greater, nobler, more powerful, and more true than you might assume. In the capacity of an altar server, you are joining with the priest in leading the people of God, in the worship of God.  If you understand this, you will come to see the real importance of what you are doing in a whole new light.

Our worship on earth reflects the worship in heaven. What we do here at the holy sacrifice of the Mass is a kind of distant echo of what goes on in heaven. There, the Lamb of God is offered in one timeless and eternal sacrifice. There the saints and angels worship around the throne of the Lamb. In that city there is no sun, moon, or stars, for the Lamb Himself is the light of that city. This altar you see here is a reflection of the altar in heaven. This chalice is a sign of the eternal Precious Blood of the Lamb. This host is, on earth, the sign of the Eternal Bread of heaven. The priest is an icon of Christ the Lord… ( Father Dwight Longenecker )

Who then is the altar server in this image of the divine worship? The altar server represents and reflects on earth those we call the heavenly host – that is, the saints and the angels who surround the throne of Christ in praise and worship.

Take a look at the videos below to hear what other altar servers have to say about their experiences, what they have learned, and what you might expect by serving in the divine liturgy.

Why Should I Become An Altar Server?

What Does It Mean To Be An Altar Server?