Parish Directory

Reverend Father Jose Corral
Pastor |  phone: (650)713-5301

Parochial Vicar:
Reverend Father Gabriel Wankar
Parochial Vicar

In Residence:
Reverend Father Charles Onubogo
In Residence

Parish Coordinators and Staff

K-6 Religious Education Coordinator:
Claudia Miramontes  |  phone: (650)726-5587

Religious Education – K-6th Grade:
Call 726-4674  or email

Youth Confirmation Coordinator:
Kenneth & Yesenia Staal 

Parish Office Contact:
Call 726-4674  or email

Management Adviser:
Dr. James Spilker

Parish Emails:
Our Lady of the Pillar, Half Moon Bay  |
Our Lady of Refuge, La Honda  |
St. Anthony’s, Pescadero  |